Hunch Analytics is focused on delivering analytic outcomes based on a mashup of public and private data in key markets such as Healthcare and Education. We are seeking outstanding thinkers, analysts and technologists that share the vision of improving our economy and the livelihoods of our fellow citizens through better use of data and analytics.

We are hiring smart, self-motivated engineers to contribute to our state-of-the-art optimization and analytics platform. Everything we do is data driven, and as a result we are able to iterate quickly and measure our success. We’re more interested in intelligence, resourcefulness, and strong CS fundamentals than any particular skill-set. Our preference is for Java or Ruby on Rails experience, but strong programming skills and an ability to learn is most important.

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The best data in the world is useless without a way to present it, understand it, and act on it. We are seeking business intelligence experts who know how to visualize data for a variety of user bases.

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We are seeking a web front-end designer and user experience specialist to join our fast growing team of marketers, developers, and analysts in conceptualizing and building web businesses. The ideal candidate would be someone who marries solid technical skills with incredible front-end design intuition, but our focus is on the latter.

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Are you obsessed with exploring the newest trends in online marketing? Does the idea of finding interesting trends in a large data set fill you with a deep thrill? Do want a job where you don’t just sit at your desk all day fiddling with Excel, but where you have a voice in deciding how to spend your time each week? If so, we would definitely love to meet you.

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Things You’ll Like About Hunch:

  • We value and encourage creative thinking & intellectual curiosity.
  • There are no silos here: you’ll have a very clear understanding of how your work matters to the company.
  • You’ll find interesting new challenges every day on the forefront of online marketing and analytics.
  • You’ll be part of a passionate, diverse team with broad skills and interests.
  • We have fun! Frequent company outings, lunches, and parties.
  • We offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and a relaxed work environment with plenty of perks.

Working at Hunch:

Hunch is focused on developing a world class organization that values each and every member of its team as a critical contributor to our overall success. Our business is driven by a culture of creativity, metrics and automation. We seek team members who value independent thinking and are willing to take risks and make decisions quickly, measure the results of their decisions religiously and act on those results decisively.

We are located in Arlington, VA. Surrounded by great food, fun places for social outings and easily accessible by metro. Our team is focused and hard working but we value a fun and dynamic work environment as well.

If this sounds like the kind of place you would like to be a part of, please review our open positions and submit your resume to